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What do you do with leftover dough? January 27, 2009

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I made another round of English Muffins (this round turned out much better than the last), but I ended up with a ball of dough that I didn’t quite know what to do with.  So I began to improvise.

I kneaded it down and cut a bunch of little english muffins (bite size) and cooked those up as per the larger ones.  The remainder of the dough I formed into a little boule, and pressed some thyme, parsley, and basil into the crust.  All of these went into the oven and we crossed our fingers.

The result:

And the english nuggets:

The little loaf was pretty tasty, but the crumb didn’t quite have the “spring” that my loaves usually do.  As for the nuggets, I should have stayed the course and kept them in the pan.  By placing them in the oven, I turned them into little pebbles.  The inside is nice and fluffy, but the crust is pretty dang hard.

Oh, well. Waste not, want not.


English Muffins! January 22, 2009

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Using the sourdough master, I decided to try cheeseboard’s english muffins. I was pleasantly surprised.

Take half of the dough and flatten it into an 8x10x3/4 inch rectangle (about the size of a sheet of paper)

Let it rest for 15 minutes.  Take a cup, cookie cutter, or a biscuit cutter and make six muffins.

Place muffins on a baking sheet that is dusted with 2 tbs of cornmeal

Cover and let them rise for about 2 hours in a warm, draft-free place.  Cheesboard says to use a floured towel, but I think it’s better to use either saran wrap or a wet towel.  Otherwise, the dough will dry out.

After the muffins have risen by about 1/4 and a finger pressed into them leaves an indentation, preheat a griddle or cast iron pan on medium/low heat.  After it is preheated, dust with 2 tbs of cornmeal.

Turn the muffins into the pan so that the top is on the bottom and the bottom is on the top (you want cornmeal on all sides).

Cook the muffins for about 8-10 minutes on both sides, or until they get that nice golden brown that we all love our english muffins to have.  Monitor the heat so that the muffins or the cornmeal won’t burn.

Finished Product:

And they are oh-so-good.