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Birdfeeder Redux March 14, 2009

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Unfortunately, our last birdfeeder met an unfortunate demise:

I checked it one day and the hole for the seed had grown by about 1/2 an inch down from where I had cut it.  How did this happen?

Blasted squirrel.  I actually caught him one day hanging upside down from the crossbeam and nibbling on the seeds within.  Having just finished another tub of kim-chee, we decided it was time to come up with a new design.

I cut four slots 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall along the base of the jar and screwed an old ice cream container lid to the bottom.  This will allow the seed to constantly feed into the tray below by virtue of gravity.  I also hung it a bit lower to prevent mr. squirrel from damaging version 2.

Any ideas on how to deter the squirrel?


Birdfeeder update March 2, 2009

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I made a secondary feeder to “sweeten the deal” for the local fauna:

I had also made some adjustments to the inital designs to make it more stable, and to make the seeds more accessible:

It seems to be working, because the hottest restaurant in town is in our backyard!


DIY Birdfeeder, or “If you build it, they will come.” February 18, 2009

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IMG_1772, originally uploaded by Emmett’s Parents.

We’ve noticed that many people have been successful with birdfeeders around our neighborhood, so we decided to try to get in on the action. After poking around on the internet, we found a pretty ingenious design that uses nothing more than an old plastic jar (we used an old kim chi jar), a couple of wooden dowels (we used bamboo garden stakes) and some twine. We drilled four holes for the stakes to go through, and added four more for the birds to have easy access to the bounty within.  Add some “western regional blend” purchased from Home Depot and wait for the birds to come.

We’ll post more pictures when and if the birds come.