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IPhid, YouPhid, we all Phid for Aphids! March 18, 2009

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Christina brought to my attention the new residents on our tomato plants:

APHIDS!  We’re looking into biological, sustainable ways to deal with these guys.  Word around the ‘net is that ladybugs feast on these things.  One ladybug can eat 1000 aphids.  Home Depot sells ladybugs.  We will go to Home Depot.  And keep you updated.


2 Responses to “IPhid, YouPhid, we all Phid for Aphids!”

  1. Janelle Says:

    Drea says you should be able to use dish detergent too.

  2. pauline Says:

    auntie elaine just did a science fair extravaganza involving ladybugs. i wonder if she still has some hanging around

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