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Our new toy February 28, 2009

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IMG_1996, originally uploaded by Emmett’s Parents.

We attended another Smartgardening workshop from LA County, this one in Huntington Park (30-40 minutes from here). We were able to buy this bin for $40 (which is at least 60 bucks less than anything I’ve seen online). We should be composting in no time!

Here’s a fun fact: pee and poop are rich in nitrogen, which acts as a compost activator. Guess what Emmett will be doing.


One Response to “Our new toy”

  1. Adrianne Says:

    Hello family!

    Just a quick thought before I forget: I recycle, but no composting yet. However, for all things non-recyclable and animal waste, I use BioBags. They’re made out of vegetable fiber and break down very very quickly – less waste in landfills. You can find them at Whole Foods, but I find it cheaper to order them on (free shipping on orders over $50, and no tax). Also, they have quite a large selection of green friendly products. 🙂

    Happy composting!

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