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Drying Your Sourdough Starter February 20, 2009

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Dried Sourdough Starter, originally uploaded by Emmett’s Parents.

We found ourselves in a position to share the wealth of the possession of a sourdough starter with a complete stranger, and we needed to find a way to safely transport our starter via the US Postal Service.

We did a quick Google search for “drying a sourdough starter” and we came across a handy video on Basically, you spread a thin layer of your starter on a non-stick surface (he says use parchment paper, we used a silpat) and let it air dry. Once it is dry and brittle, you can break it off of the nonstick surface and package it and ship it however you please. The picture above is what it will look like after it dries.

Hopefully it will wake up easily enough. I hope our new friend enjoys his newfound starter!


One Response to “Drying Your Sourdough Starter”

  1. pauline Says:

    i wonder if the culture would die or just go dormant

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