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A word on feeding your starter… February 19, 2009

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I did a little research and asking around, and I found out that I’d been feeding my starter incorrectly.  This is the formula that I found:

Hydration percent = (water / flour) * 100

For you non-engineers, consider your water weight (not volume) to be 100%.  Whatever weight of flour you put in there will be the hydration percentage of your starter.  Soooo……

If i wanted a 100% hydration starter, then I would start out with whatever volume of water I wanted to add.  This morning, I started with 8 oz. of water (I used my kitchen scale).  To that, I added 6 oz. of white King Arthur AP flour, and 2 oz. of Arrowhead Mills Rye Flour, to total 8 oz. of flour.  The consistency of the result was like a thick pancake batter:

Stir in your existing starter and you will get something akin to a quickbread batter:

This is a 100% hydration.  If you wanted an 80% hydration, which would be considerably thicker, you would put in 80% as much flour as you did water.  So, for the 8 oz. of flour I put in, I would have added 6.4 oz. of water (80%=6.4/8 * 100).

I know… math wasn’t my strong suit either.


2 Responses to “A word on feeding your starter…”

  1. yeeyee Says:

    how do i know how much hydration percent i want? i still need to feed my starter!

  2. pauline Says:

    I’ve been keeping my hydration percent very constant although I have no idea what it is. I’ve been adding the same volume of water and ap flour everytime I feed it. Is there an ideal percentage? Also, what’s this about rye flour? Do I need to do that from time to time too?

    Questions, questions.. so many questions … we want to know so much!!!!

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