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Spring? February 14, 2009

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One of the perks of living down here is the perpetually good weather that makes it favorable to plant a garden. When we first started out, I was all set to put down seeds in the ground, but despite our landlady’s well-wishes, we have no ground. (all puns intended.) After a fairly fruitful start last year, I was looking forward to improving on our first starts with more plants, and better set ups. Alas, we were thwarted again as our landlady said, “well…i really want to landscape this whole area and put in a new lawn. I have a friend that is going to help with ideas…etc, etc.” Bottom line, dig out your funny-looking plants, I want my piece of dirt back. Fine. Whatever. I don’t have time for all the landscaping plans whatever they may be and when they will happen. So last weekend, I dug up all my newly sprouted peas, and my blossoming raspberry twig (which is just beginning to recover), and the tomato we JUST put into the ground last week. Everything got potted and we started the move into the “backyard” a strip of space behind the house that’s all cement. Fabulous, non? Anyways, spring is in the air and we have a lovely start as it is…

Inside the house, we have citrus plants sprouting in a wet paper towel.

as well as apple seeds from E’s current favorite snack: organic Fuji apples.

Our China Doll that’s coming back to life:

peas asproutin’!

raspberries acomin’!

our herbs digging in for the season…

either i’m finally getting’ something from this pot or it’s just a weed…

Til then, this is the last vestiges of our upturned garden, we just have the green onions to dig out…

there’s our taro plant, too, still in the ground. But I don’t really know what to do with the poor thing, so I might just leave it for them…

And that’s that for now.


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