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5 Grain Seeded Sourdough (modified) January 30, 2009

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Following a recipe found on The Fresh Loaf, I tried my hand at a 5-Grain Seeded Sourdough.  But when I looked at my local Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, and Albertson’s, I couldn’t find the 5-grain cereal that the recipe calls for, nor could I find pumpkin seeds.  Improvising, I made the soaker out of 4 oz rye flour, 2 oz sunflower seeds, and 1 oz rolled oats.

Other modifications: I proofed the dough for over 24 hours to make it more palatable for a certain toddler’s digestive system.


This is the dough after I had put it to the first rise:

After 12 hours of rising, I folded it over:

this is the dough that had been rising for over 12 hours, after I had folded it over.

I put it in my banneton (which I’m loving, it’s the 2nd time I’ve used it), and this is how I found it this morning:

After 45-50 minutes at 450:

We couldn’t resist and we had to try it (it’s so good, Emmett immediately asked for more):

Thanks for the recipe!  I’ll definitely be trying it again with the proper ingredients.


One Response to “5 Grain Seeded Sourdough (modified)”

  1. pauline Says:

    ummm looks good! i need to try that…. maybe without the banneton, since i don’t have one

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