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Our new brötform, or banneton January 26, 2009

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Wanting a better solution for the last proof (rise) of our bread, we headed out to the Sur la Table in Pasadena and bought this:

It’s called a brötform, or a banneton.  The idea is that sourdough can’t stand up under it’s own weight, and will often times collapse into a lump.  If you want to have a shaped bread like a batard or baguette, you need some kind of form to rise the bread in.  This is a batard banneton, so, we hoped to produce something like this:

(not my bread, this is just an example.)

Here’s what the dough looked like rising in the banneton:

I was going to turn the bread out onto the peel and score it as per usual, but when I turned it over, I discovered (to my dismay) that the seam was on the bottom (which was now the top).  The seam split open, and the scoring was unnecessary.  The bread ended up looking like this:

Note how the bread “rose” into the pattern of the woven cane and created some very cool looking lines.  That dark area in the middle is where the seam opened up.

Our bread is getting more and more sour by the loaf.  LOVE IT.


One Response to “Our new brötform, or banneton”

  1. pauline Says:

    You must be getting some really yummy crust!

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